Moisture Determination Balance

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BA620 can change the moisture display from normal 0.1% to high accuracy 0.01% resolution. To realize its
high accuracy, the 1mg resolution balance unit is installed. The heater source is newly developed, a
large 625watts Mid-wave infrared quartz heater controlled by the software for the drying process. It has
'High-speed drying mode' that can reduce much of the measurement time for suitable sample materials. 10
measurement conditions can be saved in the instrument memory so that you don't have to enter the condition manually every time for each sample.

Designed for quality control and testing applications where the most accurate moisture measurement
is required.

Choice of measuring modes to meet your application

Automatic operation mode

Automatically ends measurement when moisture loss over the previous 30 seconds becomes smaller than specified percentage.

Timed operation mode

Automatically ends measurement when the specified amount of time has elapsed.

High-speed drying mode

First dries with the highest temperature for the specified period, then shifts to the specified temperature shortening measurement time.

Low-speed drying mode

Gently heats samples that might solidify at the surface or samples that reduce under high temperature.

Stepped drying mode

Allows step by step change of drying conditions .
This feature is useful when measuring samples that contain a large amount of water.

Predictive measuring mode

With preparatory measurements of the sample, the final result is predicted from the drying process, saving time in repeated measurements.

Bar graph display (fig1) monitors moisture vaporization & Moisture vaporization rate display (fig 2)

In drying by infrared heater, a large amount of moisture vaporizes in early stage and vaporization slows towards the end of measurement. The M curve in Figure 2 shows a typical vaporization of moisture. M indicates the rate of vaporization. Monitoring M makes it possible to gauge how close the measurement is to completion. The bar graph display makes it visible.

  • Large sample dish allows even a large amount of sample to be placed evenly in a thin layer. The result is accurate and fast measurements.
  • Mid-wave infrared quartz heater provides effective drying without interference for a wide range of samples. Besides the excellent drying performance, it offers a long operational life of 20,000 to 30,000 hours.
  • The internal precision weighing balance is engineered with a UniBloc cell. The mechanism provides excellent stability and a long operational life against repeated temperature changes.
  • Digital control allows a selection of measurement modes. 10 measurement conditions can be stored for quick recall. Select one of the 9 combinations of drying and halting modes to optimize the measurement of your sample.
  • Weight loss rate in the previous thirty seconds is monitored and visually presented in the bar graph display. This feature is especially useful to show that the measurement is close to completion.
  • Optional Kett’s unique data logger software 'KDL-01' can transfer measurement data to an application such as Excel.
  • A larger sample dish contributes to accurate measurements, but the larger heat capacity normally produces larger zero drift due to temperature fluctuation. The BA620 is equipped with a unique auto-taring mechanism, which adjusts the zero drift automatically and ensures high accuracy, even with a larger sample pan.
  • Bias function allows adjustment to the data obtained by other measuring methods or other testers.
  • Large backlit LCD is easily read even under poor lighting conditions.


Measurement Method Heat drying and weight loss
Sample Mass 0.5~120g
Measurement Subject Moisture / Solid content / Weight
(Standard deviation)
Sample with a weight of 5g or higher : 0.05%
Measurement Range
0~100%(wet base , solids),0~500%(dry base)
Resolution 0.01% , 1mg
Temperature range
Measurement Mode Automatic operation mode:
Timed operation mode (1~240min or continuous):
High-speed drying mode:
Low-speed drying mode:
Stepped drying mode (max of 5 steps):
Predictive measuring mode
External Output RS232C interface
Environmental conditions Temperature:5 ~ 40°C
Humidity : 85%RH or less
Pollution degree 2 , Altitude up to 2000m
Sample Dish SUS sample dish(130mm dia, 13mm depth)
Heat Source Mid-wave infra-red quartz heater (200Wx2)
Power Supply AC100~120V / 220~240V (50/60Hz)
Power Consumption max 900W
Size and Weight 220mm (W) x 415mm (D) x 190mm (H) , 4.5Kg , Shipment 10kg
.Accessories Sample dish 2 pcs , Sample dish handler 2 pcs , Windshield , Sample dish tray , Spoon and spatula set , Spare fuses(T8A 250V) 2 pcs , Power cord , Aluminium sheets (20 pcs) x 2 , Operating manual
Options Printer set, Data logger software