Novanna offers balances from all leading manufacturers, including the following:

• Kern
• Mettler Toledo
• Ohaus
• Rhewa
• Sartorius
• Soehnle
The balances listed in the following represent only a selection. If you provide us with the following information, on your needs for balances, we  will gladly advice you:
• The intended area of application
• The desired weight range
• The weighing precision which you require
Certain balances can also be delivered in calibrated state, or provided with a DKD certificate.
The following options are also possible: balances with data interface (RS 232), operation by storage battery or operation with a printer.

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Analytical Balance XS 204 weighing range (max.): 220 g readout: 0,1 mg weighing platform: Ø 8..
Béranger Platform Balance Weighing range (max.): 10 kg ..
Béranger Platform Balance With 2 Steel Plates Weighing range (max.): 10 kg ..
Compact Balance 7740.01 Weighing range (max.): 10 kg Readout: 5 g Weighing platform: 336 x 22..
Compact Balance CW 7740.50 Weighing range (max.): 50 kg Readout: 20 g Weighing platform: 310 ..
Electronic Laboratory Balance 470-36 With Underfloor Weighing Weighing range (max.): 2000 g R..
Electronic Pocket Balance weighing range (max.): 320g readout: 0,1 g weighing platform: 80x70..
Halogen Moisture Analyser MRS 120-3 ..
Halogen Moisture Analyzer MB for fast determination of moisture content with an integrated b..
Laboratory Balance 572-49 weighing range (max.): 15100 g readout: 0,1 g weighing platform: 16..
Mechanical Balance VMB with pointer reading (table balance) weighing range (max.): 200 kg rea..
Platform Balance DE 36 K 10 N Weighing range (max.): 36 kg Readout: 10 g Weighing platform: 3..
Platform Balance ITB 35 K 1IP Weighing range (max.): 35 kg Readout: 1 g Weighing platform: 40..
Pocket Precision Scale 0-150g   Pan dimensions: 70x80 mm Resolution: 0,1 gr ..
Pocket Precision Scale 0-320g   Pan dimensions: 70x80 mm Resolution: 0,1 gr ..