fertiliser trays and inserts

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Set of five fertiliser trays and inserts

 Fertiliser trays and inserts

The AAMS fertiliser trays and inserts for fertiliser spreaders are packed per 5 units with measuring glasses and a funnel for a fast measurement of the fertiliser distribution on the field. The trays are placed on the field at certain distances, perpendicular on the driving direction. By spreading 3 swaths (middle one and at the neighbouring swaths) over the trays, the distribution in the field can easily be checked by pouring the granulat in the measuring glasses. For more precise characterisation of the spreading patterns, more trays can be placed closer to each other along the measuring line.

The trays have a measuring dimension of 50 cm by 50 cm and are made according to the European Standard EN13739 (European Standard for distribution measurements of fertiliser spreaders).

The trays are equipped with inserts to avoid granulat bouncing out.

For every tray, a measuring glass is foreseen to define the spread amount of fertiliser. The 7 glasses can be placed in a rack to compare the content. The granulat can be poured into the glasses by using the additionally supplied funnel.

All parts are made of robust plastic to guarantee a long lifetime. 

The trays can also be used for solid organic fertilisers or other materials.

The trays fit into each other for easy storage and transport purpose

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