Spray Scanner

With the AAMS spray scanner, the liquid distribution under a spray boom can be measured. The liquid distribution under a spray boom reflects the quality of the sprayer and its distribution under field conditions. The distribution is measured automatically, independantly and with high precision. The spray scanner works autonomous under the spray boom until the entire spray boom is measured.

· The spray scanner has a measuring surface of 80 by 150 cm.
· The measuring plane is horizontal (no slope in the upper surface). 
· Data is stored in a memory box that can be transported to a PC.
· With the enclcosed software, the distribution can be reported solely or a complete inspection report can be executed and printed.
· The scanner is delivered along with two 12V batteries and a charger.
· In the kit also contains 9 sections of rail of each 3.2 m length.
· With the display unit, the scanner can be activated and - if necessary - navigated. A part of spray boom can be measured again without completion of the rest of the spray boom (e.g. when parameters or parts of the spray boom have been changed).
· Also enclosed with delivery is a half day of installation and training on the spot.
· A container for collecting the sprayed water can be onbtained optionally.

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