Sprayer Testing

Novanna supplies sprayer testing equipment to comply with current and future sprayer regulations.

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Accurately check nozzle pressure where it counts! Verify accuracy of sprayer’s pressure sensor or ga..
Everything an application expert needs to demonstrate sprayer calibration, performance, and maintena..
Innovative handheld patternator allows visualization of nozzle and sprayer coverage. Most readings a..
Demonstrate spray nozzles and test equipment anywhere ..
Detects low level thermal inversions & measures air temperature at boom height as required for p..
Provides quick and accurate flow rate checking of individual sprayer nozzles. This model is best for..
Everything a sprayer operator needs to test nozzles, clean spray tips, and calibrate sprayers. Inclu..
Quickly determine true spray tip flow rate to calibrate your sprayer or check for nozzle wear. This ..
Water Sensitive Paper, 26 x 76 mm, 50 Pieces/Pack     ..