Sprayer Testing Makes a Splash at Cereals 2013

Sprayer Testing Makes a Splash at Cereals 2013

Farmers Guide reporting on events at June’s Cereals show noted our appearance at the show, supported by sprayer testing manufacturers Aams-Salvarani. The impressive performance of the equipment, presented in the UK for the first time, drew particular attention:

"Novanna reported a lot of interest in its self-contained spray nozzle checker manufactured by Aams-Salvarani. UK importer, Novanna, was showing the device for the first time and claims the flow rate of 6-10 nozzles can be checked per minute within an accuracy of one percent.”

Farmers Guide went on to highlight the benefits of the Aams-Salvarani device:

"Aams-Salvarani general manager Jan Langenakens said that testing a conventional nozzle takes 2-3 seconds longer. If the pump is unstable then testing can take 6-7 seconds per nozzle.

Testing between six to ten nozzles simultaneously, as opposed to individual tests, represents a major improvement. Coupled with the extreme accuracy, more than compliant with latest EU regulations, this means the sprayer test equipment that’s only available from Novanna represents a significant advance for sprayer users and testers.

And the investment?  

"The company has sold 600-700 units since the product's launch seven years ago, and the cost is £1,600 including the calibration test set."

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