Temperature and Moisture Testing

 A complete range of thermometers and moisture testing equipment for construction materials ranging from simple through to sophisticated and extremely precise.

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-200 to +1370°C for thermoelement probes apparatus with digital display, built in printer and mem..
6 universal measuring inputs for thermoelements, resistance thermometers and standard signals (cu..
With integrated electronics, designed for nondestructive location of moisture concentration in bu..
Designed for surface measurement on concrete, in particular prior to coating or gluing. ..
For measurement of high moisture contents in coniferous wood, range 40 - 200% moisture. (unsuit..
For high-speed measurement of air temperature and relative air humidity. ..
With pins (8 mm long) which can be pressed into the material. Measuring range: 6 - 44% wood moi..
Concrete insertion thermometer Range -20 to +60°C Shaft length 200 mm   ..
Concrete Surface Thermometer without trailing pointer Range -20 to +80°C ..
For recording air temperature and air humidity in living spaces, workrooms, museums, etc., with l..
As Data logger KLIMA I, but additionally equipped with a LCD readout of the momentary air tempera..
(Only to be used with contact paste) For deep measurements in all kinds of set building materia..