Mortar and Cement Testing Equipment

A complete range of precision built mortar testing equipment from Testing Bluhm & Feuerherdt.

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Le Chatelier-mould  EN 196 Also 100g weight and glass plates ..
  Water bath with insert for Le Chatelier-moulds    230 V / 50 Hz ..
Testing device for Le Chatelier-moulds EN 196 ..
  Filter press MFP 1 and MFP 2   DIN 4127 For the determination of fi l..
  Filter press MFP 1   Pressurizing by CO2-cartridges Apparatus inclusi..
  Marsh funnel   For determination of the flow properties of mortar-nozzles diam...
  Marsh funnel of rugged, break resistant plastic    For determination of th..
  Ring funnel   For simplified determination of the time of water draining ..
  Water Absoprtion Testing Equipment     Determination of water ab..
  Water Permeability Testing Kit   Consisting of : Funnel, stainless st..
Water Retention Testing Equipment   Equipment set for determination of water re..
  Water Retention of Building Plasters Kit   The testing set consists of: b..
  Immersion device   For determination of the flow properties of pre-stress..