Mortar and Cement Testing Equipment

A complete range of precision built mortar testing equipment from Testing Bluhm & Feuerherdt.

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  V-funnel for Mortar Testing   For determination of the relative falling time RM..
Software for evaluating the measurement results Consisting of: - Transfer box 1 - Transfer cable..
High-Pressure Autoclave for Testing of Mortar Prisms, 25 bar ASTM C 151, C141, UNE 7207 ..
Sample holder for 6 prisms: 40 x 40 x 160 mm     ..
Sample holder for 8 prisms: 1”x 1”x 111/4”     ..
  Influx apparatus according to Böhme For determining spec. flow density of lime&nbs..
  Flow-test Channel for Grout   An instrument for testing the working prope..
  Shrinkage Channel for Grout and Floating Screed   To measure shrinkage or expan..
Shrinkage Measuring Device, Type B   For specimens: 25 x ..
Shrinkage Measuring Device, Type B with Digital Gauge   For sp..
Shrinkage Measuring Device Digital   Same as 1.0228, but with digital gauge an..
  Shrinkage measuring device type “C”   for specimens 40 x 40 x 160 mm prec..
  Sampling device for bulk cement 40 mm diam., length 1500 mm ASTM C 183, EN 196 ..
  Sampling auger for packed cement diam. 23 x 1200 mm length, ASTM C183, EN 196 ..
  Le Chatelier flask capacity 250 ml Graduated neck from 0 - 1 ml and from 18 - 24 ml AST..