Mortar and Cement Testing Equipment

A complete range of precision built mortar testing equipment from Testing Bluhm & Feuerherdt.

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  Apparatus for Determining the Reactivity of Lime with Water   This apparatus co..
Ball Harp   For the determination of the liquid-flow limit of supporting clay liquids. ..
Bending device Complies with DIN 1164, EN 196 ..
  Brass ring mould for Pat Test (3 pcs.)   For determination of the soundne..
CEN-Standard sand 16 portion packets each containing 1350 g DIN EN 196 part 1 ..
  Consistometer for plasters Complete, with mould and tamper DIN 4211, EN 413, E..
Device for Determination of the Adhesive Shear Strength of Masonry Mortar ..
  Dropping ball apparatus   For measuring the consistence of fresh mortar,  ..
  Equipment for determination of bulk density of cement, consisting of: sieve funnel, tr..
  Exhaust and filtersystem SRF T-2   max. volume forced away: 200 m2/h , up..
  Fineness of fly ash determination   by wet sieving with the spray nozzle ..
  Flame Photometer   For determining the alkali content of cement. Comp..
  Gillmore apparatus   To determine the setting time of cement, complete  ..
  Heat-of-hydration apparatus Complete, for determination of the heat of hydration 2..
  Laboratory Chamber Kin   For incineration and annealing processes and..