Mortar mixers


Used for production of cement paste and mortar according to various construction materials standards: EN 196-1+3, DIN 1164-5+7, ASTM C305, ASTM C451, ISO 679, NF P15-411


Technical Details
Control Panel (touchscreen operated) for automatic and semiautomatic operation.
Service program with malfunction messages for operator including paddle /planetary speed and time.
Seven languages stored such as German-English-French-Russian-Italian-Spanish-Portuguese.
Numerous safety features have been integrated in the design and construction of the mortar mixer to ensure maximum safety while the machine is in operation:
Safety cover on mixing bowl prevents finger injuries.
Mixing bowl position is electronically monitored, i.e. the mixer can be switched on only if the bowl is correctly inserted into its holding device and is in operational position.
Safety restart procedure, i.e. the mixer must be manually switched on again after loss of power (outage).
Emergency STOP button   
Clearly laid out control elements
Sturdy handles for safe grip when moving the mixer
Technical Data
Heavy duty design with aluminium and grey cast iron parts. Including stainless steel stirrer and stainless steel mixing bowl. Quick-clamping system for attaching the mixing bowl to the mixer. Standard distance between mixing bowl and stirrer 3±1 mm. 
Fine adjustments are made by use of a simple tool.
Driven by a powerful three-phase AC motor. 
Planetary gearing and toothed belt drive to ensure quiet and maintenance free operation.
Two mixing speeds:  140 ± 5 rpm und 285 ± 10 rpm
A hoisting mechanism can be used to lower the mixing bowl.
Simple assembly and disassembly of the mixing bowl and stirrer.


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