Automatic Flexure and Tension Machine

Product Code: 1.0252 Flexure/tension testing machine

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Automatic flexure/tension machine 
For flexure tests on mortar prisms 40x40x160 mm and for tension tests on cement briquettes to ASTM C190, C348, DIN 1164, EN 196-1, NF P15-451, AASHTO T132-87
Capacity 5 kN  
Production of force by beam loading system with a travelling weight, synchronous motor operated providing a constant increase in load throughout the test. 
Direct reading of maximum force in N and strength in N/cm2
Two measuring ranges:up to 1000 N  by 10 N subdivisions; up to 5000 N   by 50 N subdivisions.
Dimensions 1050 x 510 x 720 mm.
Power required  230 V at 50 Hz

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