Compaction Test Apparatus

Used for determining the relationship between the moisture content and density of compacted soil. Made of plated steel. They Include collar, mould body and base plate. Different models are available conforming to the various specifications in use.

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Balloon Density Apparatus Complete, capacity 10 l  DIN 18125 p.2 ..
Measuring Wheel measuring range 9999.99 metres, readout in cm   ..
Proctor Mould 100 mm Diameter, Split Longitudinally     ..
Proctor Mould 100mm Diameter    With base plate and collar ..
Proctor Mould 150 mm Diameter   With base plate and collar ..
Proctor Mould 150 mm Diameter, Split Longitudinally   With base plate and collar ..
Proctor Mould 250 mm Diameter   With base plate and collar ..
Sample Collection System For ground water sample to wells Capacity: 700 ml Complete with stra..
Static Plate Load Tester  with automatic evaluation unit comprising: Loading assembly, L..
Telescopic Pole aluminium, ridgeless adjustable from 1.25 - 2.50 m ..
Universal Spirit Level Manifold requirements as spirit level, channel spirit level, slope mea..
Automatic Proctor Compactor   - automatic movable base plate with position drive uni..
Core Cutter Set for Undisturbed Soil Samples   Diameter 96 mm,  Consting of bas..
Light Falling-Weight Tester Model LFG dynamic plate load test for fast testing of soil compac..
Sand Replacement Apparatus 200 mm Diameter   ..