Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit (220ml)

Product Code: 5.2246 Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit (220ml)

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit (220ml)


For analytical test sieves with an outer diameter up to 220 mm. The unit is electronic controlled and requires no maintenance. Timer switch up to 15 min. or un-timed continuous operation Housing: Stainless steel Vibration vessel: Stainless steel with hard chromium plating Outer dimensions: 260 mm diam. x 260 mm high Vibration vessel: 245 mm diam. x 130 mm high Normal operational filling: 3 - 5 litres 230 V / 50 Hz, 120 V / 60 Hz High-frequency continous peak power consumption: 2 x 240 W/ period: 35 kHz Weight: 6 kg

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