Biogas Analyser SSM 6000 Classic (CH4, H2S)

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Biogas analyser for CH4 and H2S, 

The SSM6000 has been designed specifically for the non-continuous analysis and periodic process monitoring of gases resulting from biological processes (such as biogas, sewage gas or landfill gas). It measures and displays all critical gas types, including methane and carbon dioxide (infrared), hydrogen sulphide and oxygen (electro-chemical). The analyser features an integrated measurement-gas preparation. It is enclosed in a wall-mount housing. Besides the illuminated LCD screen, it also has a four-character LED status display for each type of gas measured.
The SSM6000 LT (H2S max 1000 ppm) is well suited for routine and cost-effective monitoring procedures.


Measurement range:

CH4: 0 to 100 Vol.%

CO2: 0 to 100 Vol.%

O2: 0 to 25 Vol.%

H2S: 0 to 5000 ppm





CH4: 0.1 Vol.%

CO2: 0.1 Vol.%

O2: 0.1 Vol.%

H2S: 1 ppm



4-character LED display, status screen,

4-character LCD display


Communikation: RS 232, 4 –20 mA
Operating temperatures: + 5 to +40 °C
Power supply: AC 85-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz
Protection class: IP40
Dimensions and weight: 300 x 400 x 165 mm, approx. 10 Kg

Profibus DP, multiple measuring points,

hydrogen H2 (instead of CO2)

Features: Data storage capabilities