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Evaluation of field distribution of fertilizer spreaders as well as control of both hardness and kernel sizes of fertilizer types to ensure decent quality in spreading application.

The fertilizer trays are used to evaluate the field distribution of fertiliser spreaders or other granular applications.

Trays are packed per 5 units with inserts to prevent the kernels to bounce out of the tray during the test.

The trays are placed on the field at certain distances, perpendicular to the driving direction.

By driving over the trays while spreading the fertilizer, the kernels are being caught by the trays and the distribution can be determined. For very precise measurements, the trays need to be placed closer to one another.

The distribution in the field can be easily checked by pouring the kernels from the tray into the measuring glasses.

For a more precise scheme of the spreading patterns, more trays can be placed closer to each other along the measuring line and the content can be weighed.

A hardness tester is available to check the spreading quality of the fertilizers. Kernels that are too soft, will turn into dust after they get in contact with the spreader elements.

A fertilizer calibrator with grading sieves can be supplied to control the average size of the kernels (to be able to apply the spreader charts of the manufacturers) .

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