Soil Sampling Augers

Novanna's specially designed range of soil sampling augers, probes, spades and hammers. All you need to sample in any number of different applications, soil types and environments.

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Purkhauser auger. Handle only  ..
Boring Head Diameter 76 mm for Sand ..
Boring Head Diameter 76mm for Clay Soil ..
  Hand-held auger with closed tube tip suitable for potted or containerized plants, floricul..
  Jack / Puller mechanism that latches onto the Pürckhauer design soil auger. The Pürckhauer..
Lightweight Dynamic Penetrometer/Künzel Rod ..
One Piece Boring Kit With one grip fo 0-30cm boring depth Weight approx 4.0 kg ..
Hand-held sampling auger  Soil sampling auger    Hand-held auger with clos..
Sample Collection System for Soil Consisting of boring head, extension rod 850 mm and steel handl..
SOIL SAMPLING AUGER A range of augers for soil sampling incorporating heat treated cutting edges...
  Auger with foot rest for outdoor crops with dense root zones. Solid-built handle and foot ..
  Soil sampling auger with foot rest and extra-short tube – custom designed for grass and go..
  All-purpose sampling auger with solid-built wide grip. Suitable for glass-covered crops in..
  For all-purpose use with solid-built slim grip. Designed for the nitrate kit. Suitable for..
  Multi-part cross-section spade: used to examine grass sections on a golf course or sport f..