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Potted plants depend on fertilizer to grow with full beauty and strength. Fertilizer is often improperly applied or neglected because it has not been practical (until now) to measure the actual nutrients in the potted soil. Measurements can now be converted into real-world fertilization tips by taking advantage of professional EC measurement technology. The Fertometer® provides professional-quality measurement functionality for all users. It is now finally possible for hobby gardeners to continually monitor the fertilization of their potted plants. The Fertometer® is a very precise EC (electrical conductivity) meter which functions using the principle of electrolysis. Until now, this measurement technique was only available for professional gardeners or tree nurseries. The Fertometer® measures the exact amount of absorbable nutrients available to the plant and immediately converts this measurement into a fertilization proposal. The main measurable nutrient is nitrogen, but other absorbable nutrients such as phosphorus or potassium can also be measured. If the Fertometer® recommends fertilizer, then you should use general-purpose fertilizer for potted plants (available in most gardening centres in either liquid or solid form).


Power supply: 9-volt battery (not supplied)
Dimensions: 270mm (L) x 50mm (W) x 35mm (D)
Weight: 150 grams (without batteries)
Measuring technology: EC (electrical conductivity)
Measurement precision: <3% devitation
Certification: RoHS and CE compilant
Display: high-performance LED