Soil and Water Nutrient Analysis

In field laboratories for testing nutrients in soil. Enabling you to perform quick , precise and straightforward analysis on water and soil samples .

Used by consultants and growers for many applications including , horticulural production , composters , tree nurseries , green spaces and garden centres

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Using the AMOLA® for photometric determination of NPK The AMOLA® Agrar Mobile Lab contains all ..
Connection hoses, uptake pipe, flow-through electrode with EC meter ..
  Dewar vessel for determining the rotting degree Dewar vessel made from silicoborat..
Stainless Steel Drier Cabinet for Construction Material Sample Preparation Housing made from ..
  Electronic scale Electronic scale for pesticides with stainless steel plate. Bat..
  Electronic precision scale Electronic precision scale for pesticides, seeds, etc. ..
  Electronic precision scale Electronic battery-operated precision scale for lab use..
  Electronic SOLAR scale Solar-powered pesticide scale for the lab, with reserve sol..
  Lab strainer machine and accessories Strainer machine for the laboratory, for max...
  Manual pointer scale Small easy-to-use scale with adjustable zero positioning. ..
  Equipment for sample preparation Muffle furnace with stainless steel housing and h..
Photometric nutrient analysis The NANOCOLOR® 500 D digital photometer represents the next innovativ..
.Photometric nutrient analysis PF 12 digital photometers are the next innovative step for our photo..
  Mobile nutrient analysis in the field   The STELZNER® soil kit includes al..
Soil Kit delivered Buenos Aires. DDU. Delivery time 7-10 days ..