Nitrate And Nitrogen Measurement of Soil and Water

Use our nitrogen and nitrate measuring equipment to test nitrate levels in your soil and water at different times of the season to analyse and build an understanding of your soil's nitrogen dynamics. With this information to hand you will be able to manage nitrogen and nitrate levels for optimal production at minimal cost in added nitrates.

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AGROS NOVA complete in case, with reagent, pH booster, areometer (density hydrometer) and measuring ..
  N-min nitrogen quick test This straight-forward set is used for manually determining th..
  Obtaining plant sap The hand-held sampling pliers are mainly used for obtaining sa..
  Manual pointer scale Small easy-to-use scale with adjustable zero positioning. ..
  MV4000 transmitter series Measuring amplifier This series of transmitters ..
  MV 50XX series MV 50XX single-channel measuring transducer The MV 50XX ser..
Measuring instrument for electronically evaluating the colour scale on Merckoquant nitrate test s..
Using an ion-selective electrode for nitrate determination. Base Unit with electrode This stra..
NITRAT 2000 with nitrate electrode calibration solution (500 and 50 mg/l), refill solution (0.1 mole..
  Nitrate 10 to 500 mg/l  Nitrite 1 to 80 mg/l,  100 tests ..
NITRAT 2000 with nitrate electrode, calibration solution (500 and 50 mg/l), refill solution (0.1 ..
Nitrate electrode ..
  Determines nitrate content in soil The nitrate-nitrogen advisory kit allows you to carr..