Soil Multi-Task Measuring Instruments

Multi-task soil testing. Soil pH, nutrient, moisture and conductivity analysis is made simpler with these multi-task instruments and kits which can measure several different parameters at the same time. For example, salt content, conductivity, temperature and pH of your soil. 

Novanna Measurement System's range includes high precision instruments and pocket size testers for simple and and rapid measurements of multiple key parameters, enabling you to quickly test your soil and take the necessary action.

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Multi-channel meter for measuring pH, O2, conductivity, redox and temperature The IONOMETER 7030 ..
The pocket tester for pH, conductivity and temperature The Combo pocket tester can take simpl..
The type-IX advisory kit for measuring pH, activity, conductivity and temperature The new Multi 2..
Multifunction Digital Meter (pH/conductivity/dissolved oxygen) This instrument can be pl..
pH piercing electrode made from glass, with 3 diaphragms, 3 mole/l KCl ..
Single Gauge Plate Bearing Device (100 kN)   Consisting of aluminium measuring bridg..
Multifunction digital meter (temperature/humidity/light/wind) without Probes   This in..
Humidity and Temperature Probe For Digital Meter 50302 This instrument can be plugged with th..
Infrared Temperature Probe For Digital Meter 50302 This instrument can be plugged with t..
Wind Speed Probe For Digital Meter 50302   wind speed: range 0,4 to 12 m/s ..
Light Probe For Digital Meter 50302   · light: range 2.000 to 50.000 lux  ..
High Temperature With Thermocouple Probes K For Digital Meter 50302   · high tempera..
Thermostatic Bath in Glass The bath is divided into two compartments, the first measures 49 x..
Bulk Density Measure (1L)   Stainless steel EN 1097-3, BS 812 ..
Efflux index apparatus   Used to obtain information about the shape and the angular..