Irrigation and Soil Moisture Analysis

A complete range of moisture analysis equiment including data loggers , pocket hygrometers and sophisticated devices for precise measurement.

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  175 H1, 2-channel temperature and humidity data logger with external humidity sensor (..
Analogue Sensor Model TMA 100  Measuring Range 0-100hPa  ..
  Monitoring soil water The BWK measures with a shielded, volumetric capacity-high-f..
Digital Moisture Tester Supplied in a carrying case complete with balance, 4 steel balls to c..
  Measuring soil moisture, conductivity and temperature The WET sensor can be connec..
HH2 with soil humidity sensor and additional accessoriesMeasuring soil moisture, conductivity and te..
Measuring air humidity This highly precise air hygrometer measures the relative air humidity. The..
  Measuring air humidity and temperature Wall hygrometer with indoor/outdoor thermometers..
Hygrometer ø 80 mm - plastic plinth 120x120 mm - hygrometric sensor: synthetic ..
Measuring the relative humidity The insertion hygrometer is mainly used for agricultural appl..
Quickly find irrigation nozzle flow rates to check for nozzle wear, obstruction, or regulator proble..
Packet of 5 Boots Compatible with the Irrigation Flow Meter ..
Pitot Tube Type Digital Pressure Tester for Irrigation Nozzle Testing (Range 3 to 160 PSI  ..
  Measures air humidity and temperature This pocket meter measures temperature and humidi..
Sensor-controlled switching module with a single-channel timing relay: for irrigation control with s..