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The Lux-Mega is a high-precision digital light meter with three different measuring ranges. A flexible spiral cable connects the sensor to the meter so that precise point measurements can be taken with ease. The meter also features a min/max/average display, a hold function, an RS232 interface and a zero-calibration function. Punktmessungen. Das Gerät verfügt über eine Min/Max-Durchschnittsabfrage, Hold-Funktion, RS232 Schnittstelle sowie eine Null-Abgleichsfunktion.


Measurement range: 0 to 2000 lx / 20000 lx 
/ 100000 lx / 400000 lx
Resolution: 1 lx, 10 lx, 100 lx
Preciion: ±5 % +2 Dig.
Display: Liquid crystal display
Measuring rate: 0.4 seconds
Output voltage of sensor: 0.1 mV pro 10 lx
Moisture range: max. 80 % rel. humidity
Power supply: 1 x 12 Volt, A23 size
Run time: approx. 200 h
Dimensions and weight: 188 x 64.5 x 24.5 mm,
160 g