Fruit and Vegetable Analysis

Fruit penetrometers and other fruit testing equipment. Analysis equipment for all fruit types and varieties. Test for quality, ripeness and size.

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Apple Linear Sizer - Diameter from 55 to 90 mm ..
53215 Durometer - pulp hardness tester (non-invasive) This tester is used for the hardness determin..
  For wine, honey and fruit juices Refractometers are precise optical instruments fo..
Olive push and pull tester 53208   The instrument provides for an accurate index to ..
Universal Sizer - Diameter from 25 to 95 mm ..
Peach Linear Sizer - Diameter from AAA to D ..
Universal sizer – Diameter from 65 to 135 mm ..
  The digital refractometer is an optimal instrument used to measure the specific gravit..
Plastic Universal Sizer - Diameter from 20 to 100 mm  ..
Cherry Sizer with 6-Sizes – from 20 to 30 mm (steps by 2 mm) ..
Fruit rings / sorting calibres 10-50mm ..
Small fruit Sizer 15-Sizes – from 18 to 32 mm (steps by 1 mm) ..
Sorting with calibers Quickly ascertain fruit size with the compartmentalized widths of the sorti..
  Measuring with the all-purpose loops All-purpose plastic loop with flexible adjustment:..
  Measuring with the all-purpose loops All-purpose metal loop with flexible adjustment: f..