Fruit and Vegetable Analysis

Fruit penetrometers and other fruit testing equipment. Analysis equipment for all fruit types and varieties. Test for quality, ripeness and size.

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Apple Linear Sizer - Diameter from 55 to 90 mm ..
53215 Durometer - pulp hardness tester (non-invasive) This tester is used for the hardness determin..
  For wine, honey and fruit juices Refractometers are precise optical instruments fo..
Universal Sizer - Diameter from 25 to 95 mm ..
Peach Linear Sizer - Diameter from AAA to D ..
Universal sizer – Diameter from 65 to 135 mm ..
  The digital refractometer is an optimal instrument used to measure the specific gravit..
Plastic Universal Sizer - Diameter from 20 to 100 mm  ..
Cherry Sizer with 6-Sizes – from 20 to 30 mm (steps by 2 mm) ..
Monitoring the degree of Ripeness The fruit penetrometer is used to monitor the ripeness stage an..
Fruit rings / sorting calibres 10-50mm ..
Small fruit Sizer 15-Sizes – from 18 to 32 mm (steps by 1 mm) ..
Sorting with calibers Quickly ascertain fruit size with the compartmentalized widths of the sorti..
  Measuring with the all-purpose loops All-purpose plastic loop with flexible adjustment:..
  Measuring with the all-purpose loops All-purpose metal loop with flexible adjustme..