XS Portable, pH7 VioLab DHS Kit, pH7 VioLab DHS Food Kit, Electrodes, Accessories, COND 7 VioLab complete kit,PC 70 Vio DHS complete kit, OXY 7 Vio meters

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pH electrode mod. 201 T DHS with temp. 1 mt BNC cable. Digital pH electrode combined with data me..
pH electrode mod. 201 T with temp. 1 mt BNC cable Combined pH electrode for pH meter pH 50, pH 0 ..
Steel / PVC cell with built-in temperature sensor, C=0.1, fixed cable 1 m with BNC and Cinch connect..
2301T standard spare cell C = 1 for COND 51 conductivity meter, with 2 electrodes with built-in temp..