Oxy 7 Vio with polarographic sensor OXY DO7/MT with 3 mt cable

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Professional portable oximeter with innovative high resolution color display for excellent data visualization in all lighting conditions thanks also to the possibility of automatically and manually adjusting the contrast and illumination of the display.
Dissolved oxygen measurement, saturation% and barometric pressure with temperature display.
The online guide in setup and calibration allows a simple and immediate use of the device.
Automatic calibration up to two points (0% - 100%).
Automatic compensation of temperature and barometric pressure, manual salinity.
Automatic sensor polarization timer.
Measurement stability indicator and possibility to select 3 stability levels.
All operations are constantly monitored and reported to the operator via the colored LED above the display and self-diagnosis messages.
Measuring range:
DO: 0.0 ... 50 mg / l (0.01 / 0.1 mg / l)
Saturation: 0.0 ... 400% (0.1 / 1%)
Barometric pressure: 0 ... 1100 mbar (1 bar)
Temperature: 0 ... +100.0 ° C
Complete with DO7 / 3MT polarographic sensor with built-in temperature sensor and 3 meter cable, 2 replacement membranes, filling solution (30 ml), zero oxygen standard, instructions for use and carrying case.