Cup Counter Anemometer

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This robust Anemometer is used at many agrometeorological stations in hot climates to indicate the run of wind at 2m above ground level and for estimating potential evapotranspiration. The three conical cups rotate the spindle at a speed proportional to linear wind speed and the motion is transmitted, via a worm gear, to a six-digit mechanical counter which indicates in mph, knots or km/hr. Average run of wind over any chosen period of time can be calculated by noting counter readings at the beginning and end of the cycle. Materials of construction for the equipment are chosen for long life, with freedom from corrosion and minimal maintenance.

The counter display is angled downwards, so that the figures can easily be read from ground level.

Range 0 to 9999.99
Scale knots or mph or km/hr
Resolution 0.01
Start threshold
3 knots
Height 270mm
Axis to outer cup edge 228mm
Cup diameter 127mm
Fixing details
½ BSP internal
Operating temperature
-40°C to +100°C