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Water Analysis

Water Analysis

Water analysis equipment . Ion selective electrodes , gas sensitive electrodes, electrochemical sensors and temperature sensors . 

Novanna range covers your water analysis needs for robust equipment and accurate measurement.

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Conductivity measuring cells
Conductivity measuring cells   Conductive two- or four-electrode cells for measuring..
Connection kit
Connection hoses, uptake pipe, flow-through electrode with EC meter ..
Flow measuring cells
Used when attaching several standard electrodes or specially shaped versions in order to perform ..
Nanocolour 500D All purpose photometer
Photometric nutrient analysis The NANOCOLOR® 500 D digital photometer represents the next innovativ..
Thermoblock with hood and power cable
  Equipment for sample preparation Programmable thermoblock for dissociative chemica..
Water purifier cartridge
  Water purifier cartridge for non-pressurized desalinization Plastic pressure-free ..