Asphalt Materials Testing

Novanna's range of specifically designed equipment for testing of asphalt.

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Automatic Binder-Extraction System      Consisting of washout ap..
Hot Extraction Unit   Stainless steel, complete, without heating ..
Vacuum Rotary Evaporator 4002   Evaporator with heating bath and glassware, incl. ve..
Automatic Marshall Compactor Diam. 100 mm     Complete but without mould se..
Suspension device     For Marshall test specimens 101.6 mm diam., for u..
Marshall Stability Testing Machine 50 kN     Basic unit consisting of welde..
Hydraulic Marshall sample extruder 50 kN     ..
Waterbath with circulating pump model WBU 45     Capacity approx. 45 l, tem..
Laboratory Mixer 20 l capacity, complete with mixing bowl and stirrer 400 V / 50 Hz ..
Mixing Plate With Electric Heating System     For heating and mixing asphal..
Penetrometer With 2 Measuring Points   For determination of penetration depth on asp..
Cube Mould (70.7 x 70.7 x 70.7mm)   Base plate with quick-action clamping device ..
Test Mould (69mm)   Used to clamp the asphalt specimen for the penetration test ..
Pycnometer Roller   Used to drive out air enclosed in the sample, for 6 pycnometers ..
Pycnometers   100 ml, NS 45/27 / SGJ 45/27 ..